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The REG1117 is a family of easy-to-use three-terminal voltage regulators. The family includes a variety of fixed and adjustable-voltage versions, two currents (800mA and 1A) and two package types (SOT-223 and DDPAK). Output voltage of the adjustable versions is set with two external resistors. The REG1117 low dropout voltage allows its use with as little as 1V input-output voltage differential.
Laser trimming assures excellent output voltage accuracy without adjustment. An NPN output stage allows output stage drive to contribute to the load current for maximum

  • Fixed and Adjustable versions
  • 2.85V model for SCSI-2 active Termination
  • Output Current:
    REG1117: 800mA max
    REG1117A: 1A max
  • Output Tolerance:  1% max
  • Dropout Voltage:
    REG1117: 1.2V max at IO = 800mA
    REG1117A: 1.3V max at IO = 1A
  • Internal Current limit
  • Thermal overload Protection
  • SOT-223 and DDPAK Surface-mount packages
  • SCSI-2 Active Termination
  • Hand-Held Data collection devices
  • High Efficiency Linear Regulators
  • Battery-Powered Instrumentation
  • Battery Management Circuits for Notebook and PALMTOP PCs
  • Core Voltage Supply: FPGA, PLD, DSP, CPU
Pinout Connection
Download Datasheet REG1117

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