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The TDA2009A is class AB dual Hi-Fi Audio power amplifier assembled in Multi watt Ò package, specially designed for high quality stereo application as Hi-Fi and music centers.

Build-In Protection Systems

Tehrmal Shut-DOwn
The presence of a thermal limiting circuit offers the following advantages:
  1. an averload on the output (even if it is permanent), or an excessive ambient temperature can be easily withstood.
  2. the heatsink can have a smaller factor of safety compared with that of a conventional circuit. There is no device damage in the case of excessive junction temperature : all that happens is that Po (and therefore Ptot) and Io are reduced.
The maximum allowable power dissipation depends upon the size of the external heatsink (i.e.its thermal resistance); Short circuit (AC Conditions). The TDA2009A can withstand an accidental short circuit from the output and ground made by a wrong connection during normal play operation.

Mounting Intructions
The power dissipated in the circuit must be removed by adding an external heatsink. Thanks to the MULTIWATT Ò package attaching the heatsink is very simple, a screw or a compression spring  (clip) being sufficient. Between the heatsink and the package it is better to insert a layer of silicon grease, to optimize the thermal contact,  no electrical isolation is needed between the two

Download Dataseheet TDA2009A

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