Tuesday, December 18, 2012



The LM319 is a dual high speed voltage comparator designed to operate from a single +5V supply up to ±15V dual supplies. Open collector of the output stage makes the LM319 compatible with RTL, DTL and TTL as well as capable of driving lamps and relays at currents up to 25mA. Typical response time of 80ns with ±15V power supplies makes the LM319 ideal for application in fast A/D converts, level shiftier, oscillators, and multivibrators.



Features :

  • Operates From a Single 5V Supply
  • Typically 80ns Response Time at ±15V
  • Open Collector Outputs : up to +35V
  • High Output Drive Current : 25mA
  • Inputs and Outputs can be Isolated From System Ground
  • Minimum Fan-Out of 2 (Each Side)
  • Two Independent Comparators

Pinout Diagram

Download Datasheet LM319

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