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The STR-W6753 is a quasi-resonant regulator specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for increased integration and reliability in switch-mode power supplies. It incorporates a  primary control and drive circuit with an avalanche-rated power MOSFET. The regulator exhibits only low-level high-frequency EMI noise because of soft switching of the MOSFET close to ground (bottom point). A bottom-skip function minimizes an increase of operational frequency during light loads to improve system efficiency over the entire load range. Covering the power range from below 120 watts for a 230 VAC input, or 58 watts for a universal input (85 to 264 VAC), this device can be used in a range of applications, from DVD and VCR players to ac adapters for cellular phones and digital cameras. An auto-standby function, which is internally triggered by sensing on time, reduces power consumption at light load. An externally triggered standby mode reduces the input power further. Multiple protections, including the avalanche-energy-guaranteed MOSFET, provide high reliability of system design. Devices with an increased output power rating are the STR-W6754 and STR-W6756.

Cycle-by-cycle current limiting, undervoltage lockout with hysteresis, and overvoltage protection protect the power supply during the normal overload and fault conditions. Overvoltage protection is latched after a short delay. The latch may be reset by cycling the input supply. Low start-up current and a low-power standby mode selected from the secondary circuit completes a comprehensive suite of features. The STR-W6753 is provided in a fully molded TO-220-style flange mounted, high power, isolated plastic package.

Features :

  • Rugged 650 V Avalanche-Rated MOSFET Simplified Surge Absorption No VDSS Derating Required
  • 1.7 Ω Maximum rDS(on)
  • Two Operational Modes by Automatic Switching: Quasi-Resonant Mode for Normal Operation Burst Mode for Standby Operation or Light Loads
  • Automatic or Manually Triggered Burst Standby Input Power <0.1 W at No Load
  • Auto-Bias Function Stable Burst Operation Without Generating Interference
  • Internal Off-Timer Circuit
  • Built-In Constant-Voltage Drive
  • Multiple Protections:
    Pulse-by-Pulse Over current Protection
    Overload Protection with Auto Recovery
    Latching Over voltage Protection
    Under voltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • RoHS Compliant

Download Datasheet STR-W6753

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